Adventure Time: Moving Home


-ansel adams

It was somewhere in the middle of Utah when I broke the silence and thought out loud,“It seems like life has come full circle.” I explained to TJ that it was just 7 years ago that I packed all my belongings into a car and drove through Neveda and Utah to Colorado. “I’m doing it all over again.” There must have been some panic in my voice that made TJ calmly reply, “No. It’s not full circle. This time you’re going to have adventures with me.”

TJ and I are the same in that we want to live a life well-traveled but we also want to come back to our home. We needed to build roots. When we left Cambodia in mid March, we didn’t have any hesitations- we knew it was time to move on. We’ve been living abroad for so long that there are things that we miss and will never EVER take for granted again. Now, I wake up in the morning and get excited to walk to yoga on a sidewalk because sidewalks are pretty non-existent in Phnom Penh. I get excited that we have a yard, that we have trees, that we live right next to a park! We definitely miss our friends, good live music, and cheap, cheap food but Cambodia doesn’t feel far either. It was where we met and it’ll somehow always be our home too.


01.  We had a small wedding ceremony in Santa Cruz with just 6 people {more on that in a future post}.

02.  We’ve been painting the house like mad. Painting is fun for like a second. Packing and unpacking is never fun. It plain sucks. I’m trying to not let this be a damper on the move but then there’s this below…

03. Why is it snowing in Denver?! Why, why, WHY?!



Poor TJ has to be out there in the snow without mittens. Though I’m sure this is his kind of weather instead of the Cambodian humidity {which I quite liked}. Overall, we’re happy to be back and can’t wait for more adventures (more sun, less snow please!).

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