Anna | Temper Jewelry Shoot in Cambodia

Anna, my fellow cat lover, has started a wonderful new venture with her good friend, Jesse, in the form of jewelry design. I am so excited to announce that their brand, TEMPER, launched today in the States. Each piece of jewelry is crafted in Cambodia with artisans earning fair wages and given educational stipends and benefits. The pieces are minimalist but tell a bigger story. Each piece is made either from bombshells or bullet casings leftover from the  Pol Pot regime. These jewelry represents turning something ugly  into something beautiful. Finding a bit of peace in times of turmoil.

I shot these images when I was back in Cambodia this past November. You can see a bit of the Phnom Penh skyline in some photos.  I certainly don’t miss the heat but I do miss my friends. Shot on Kodak Portra 800 on 35mm.

Temper |Savady Photography

Temper Jewelry | Savady Photoraphy

Phnom Penh | Savady Photography

Temper Fair trade Jewelry | Savady Photography

Anna | Savady Photography

Anna | Savady Photography

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