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Like most people I meet these days, Kiersten was someone I followed on instagram. I contacted her a couple of months ago to set up a ballet inspired shoot, something that I’ve always wanted to do. It turns out that her family owns a dance studio and on a nice summer day (not wintery like this one) I drove down to Monument to photograph this beauty. Kiersten’s face is so naturally beautiful that I asked her not to cover it up with much makeup. The directive was, “Keep it simple, like you’ve just woke up from a refreshed sleep.” We kept her hair down since it’s been done so beautifully by Bree and I actually like a little bit of hair in the face look. It adds some mystery and makes it less perfect. Just how I like it.

On a side note, these were shot with a Mamiya 645D with Tri-X 400 and Portra 400 all rated at 200. I would love to do more ballet shoots, so if you’re a ballet dancer get in contact with me.

Tamara + Cordell | Riding Mountain National Park Wedding

I met Cordell and Tamara while living in Cambodia. Actually I “met” them in December 2010 when I went to my first music gig and a band called Los Poporks was playing their very last gig. I remembered a woman singing a French song and thinking she sounded pretty amazing. Girl crush alert. Fast forward a year later and I officially met Cordell and Tamara when TJ and I went down to Kampot for a weekend with some friends. Knowing them now for a few years, it wasn’t a surprise when they told me they wanted to go with an animal elegance theme for their wedding. Guests could go all out if they wanted (and some certainly did), but at the minimum you needed to at least accessorize. It was going to be one big party! This was further confirmed when Mike, one of the groomsmen, sent out a mass email organizing a big surprise animal onesie dance party. While I was in on the secret, when it actually happened, I was pretty blown away. It was the first time in my life (and probably the only time) where I witnessed eighty grown adults dancing to “What Does the Fox Say” in onesies. It was a definite sight to behold.

Tamara and Cordell’s wedding was high in energy and low in fuss. Friends from all over the world came to take part and while the guest list wasn’t extremely small, the wedding itself felt intimate and warm. Old traditions were thrown out and it was kept authentic. Their wedding was wildly honest and joyful. Congrats my dear friends, I hope the rest of your travels are a blast!

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Winnapeg wedding

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“Although I have no important business to do, I am nonetheless continually occupied. I spend my life in inquiry. In the evening I write down what I have noticed, what I have seen or heard, during the day. Everything interest me, everything surprises me. I am like a child whose organs are still delicate, so that even the most trivial things have an impression on them.” -Montesquien

This lovely lady invited me into her space and my anthropologist self could not help but want to touch all the artifacts laid out beautifully in her home.

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 {Portra 400 and 800}