Demi and Cameron | Colorado Portraits

“I want to be in the place where you and I are in bed every morning with no buzzing of the alarm to tear us apart. Where we could sleep curled like cats all day and then I would make you breakfast at four in the afternoon.”

Sometimes, I have a hard time stringing the right words to describe the images I make. Sometimes, I struggle so much that any and all words end up retreating to the back of my throat to never see the light of day. This is why I don’t blog as often as I’d like. Today, I found an entry in an old journal and the words above seemed so perfect to illustrate the intimate nature of this session.

demi cameron-1001

demi cameron-1002

demi cameron-1004

colorado portraits | demi

demi cameron-1005

demi cameron-1007

demi cameron-1008

demi cameron-1013

demi cameron-1009

film photography

demi cameron

demi cameron-1018

demi cameron-1015

demi cameron-1017

fun couple

 {Portra 400}


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