Jacqui + Anthony: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Amazing how time flies. November of last year TJ and I documented Jacqui and Anthony’s commitment ceremony in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I just realized that we’ll be returning for a visit to Cambodia right around their anniversary!

The wedding day started off sweltering hot, like most Cambodian days, and ended with pouring rain. The rain didn’t spoil anything though. I mean really you guys, they had six different cakes! Not to mention they were a stunning couple surrounded by all their friends who flew in from Australia. Since they got married in their adopted home, Jacqui and Anthony incorporated some Cambodia wedding traditions in their ceremony. I love the hand tying ceremony and had it at my own wedding!



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Siem Reap Wedding


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Siem reap Wedding Photographer

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Ceremony: Mohout’s Dream, Sofitel Siem Rep | Reception and catering: Sojourn | Hair and Makeup: Focus on Makeup | Special thanks to Theam’s House who let us shoot all over their lovely property.

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