Kep: Old Houses

I’m back in Cambodia. I’ve actually been here for two weeks now for a big art therapy project.  I joke with my husband sometimes that no matter how much I kick and scream, after the resistance, I always return to Cambodia. My days are quite full here. It’s 9 pm as I write this and my eyes want to shut themselves. So does my mind. The heat has been somewhat debilitating and the work mentally taxing. There is heavy work to be done here. So much pain. So much of having to sit with the uncomfortable. For the first time, being here feels monumental.

The images below are from my trip with TJ to Cambodia this past November for Greg and Rebeca’s wedding. I’m not sure these old houses will be there when I go visit Kep in June. When we were leaving trees were being cut and roads were being expanded. Construction is never ending in Cambodia and the preservation of old buildings isn’t really important for Cambodians.

cambo 2013-1022-2

cambo 2013-1001-2

Dual vertical template

cambo 2013-1003-2

cambo 2013-1006-2

cambo 2013-1004-2

cambo 2013-1017-2

cambo 2013-1018-2

cambo 2013-1024-2

cambo 2013-1027

cambo 2013-1026-2

cambo trip 2013

Dual vertical template 2

cambo 2013-1030


(35mm, Portra 800)

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