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Like most people I meet these days, Kiersten was someone I followed on instagram. I contacted her a couple of months ago to set up a ballet inspired shoot, something that I’ve always wanted to do. It turns out that her family owns a dance studio and on a nice summer day (not wintery like this one) I drove down to Monument to photograph this beauty. Kiersten’s face is so naturally beautiful that I asked her not to cover it up with much makeup. The directive was, “Keep it simple, like you’ve just woke up from a refreshed sleep.” We kept her hair down since it’s been done so beautifully by Bree¬†and I actually like a little bit of hair in the face look. It adds some mystery and makes it less perfect. Just how I like it.

On a side note, these were shot with a Mamiya 645D with Tri-X 400 and Portra 400 all rated at 200. I would love to do more ballet shoots, so if you’re a ballet dancer get in contact with me.

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