Kimberly | A Winter Film Shoot

It was never hard to make friends in Phnom Penh. The city was big enough that I didn’t feel trapped in one group. People were always coming and going. It was not strange to bump into the friend that you had coffee with in the morning at a music gig that same evening. There is this sort of vibrancy that I miss. It’s been a year since TJ and I moved back to Colorado and while I very much like being back, the lack of human interaction is a bit shocking. People are so confined in their homes. The ease of seeing friends is gone. Schedules have to be made far in advance. Spontaneity no longer exist. Everyone is too busy, too busy, too busy.

Then came Kimberly. I met Kimberly at a coffee shop a few weeks ago and I have to say she’s a gem. It’s been awhile since I’ve spoken with such abandonment with a stranger but there was such ease when speaking with her. So much so that I could have sat there and chatted with her all day if it wasn’t for that parking ticket on my car. Anyway, fast forward a few weeks later and there’s snow on the ground. I have my film camera and Kimberly has her brilliant red hair. The snow contrasted so perfectly with the red. She’s so beautiful!

Kimberly, thank you for being my muse for a day.

Kimberly Portrait Colorado

Kimberly Portrait Colorado 2

Film Photography | Savady Photography

Kimberly Red Hair

Fine Art Film Photography

Kimberly Portrait Colorado 5

kimberly on film


Film Photography

Kimberly Portrait Colorado 4

Kimberly Portrait Colorado 3


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  1. These make me feel so cold. I love that about your work; you capture weather well.

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