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Life lately has been quiet and nice. I started running again and also went to my first barre methods class last Thursday. It was hard and I’ll leave it at that. RockyGrass was fun but towards the end of it, the music started blending together and I couldn’t tell one artist from the next. My favorite group was the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  Our younger cat has been driving me crazy. We play with him for hours but his energy just doesn’t diminish. He comes into the office and tries to eat the paper. At night, TJ and I hold hands and talk about the future. He’s been into his kraut making and I’d go on about shooting with film and starting an etsy store.

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  1. Hannah Taylor-Johnson says:

    This year was the first time we started growing food in our garden. It’s so delightful. I suspect that we would be unable to grow watermelons here, but our tomatoes are wild!

    P.S. kitties are awesome! we adopted a 2 year old and she had so much energy, it’s taken 3 years for her to stop annoying us! The kitten we brought home at age 3 weeks, mellowed out within a year. Cats, they’re just like peeps!

    Good luck on the future planning! 🙂 H x

  2. SavadyPhotography says:

    Thanks Hannah! Our tomatoes are growing too but we had to pull two plants from the roots because they had fungus on them. : (

    I’m hoping Remy mellows out. He’s killing me right now. Too much energy. And he drives the other cat crazy! Had to break up a fight a second ago.

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