Rebecca & Dustin: Celebrate

Fall is my favorite season. I love seeing the leaves change colors and taking walks in the early evening with my husband.

I am thrilled to share Rebecca and Dustin’s anniversary shoot today. Rebecca is the proud owner of Manzanita, a Jane of all trades, I’ll even be taking a calligraphy class with her this coming March. She’s quite a talented lady and I’m so glad that I got to document a special occasion for her and Dustin. The shoot was taken on the Red Rocks trail in Boulder where Dustin had proposed two years ago. So sweet!

Rebecca and Dustin’s anniversary has been featured on Beloved Darling today. Check it out here.

Images captured by a canon 1V with Fuji 400 film.


Rebecca and Dustin-1003

Rebecca and Dustin-1016

Dual vertical template

Rebecca and Dustin-1006

Rebecca and Dustin-1013

Dual vertical template 2

Rebecca and Dustin-1033

Rebecca and Dustin-1032

Dual vertical template 3

Rebecca and Dustin-1027

Dual vertical template 5

Rebecca and Dustin-1050

Dual vertical template 6

Rebecca and Dustin-1051

Dual vertical template 4

Rebecca and Dustin-1052



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  1. Aw Rebecca is so cute! I follow her blog, I did wonder whether this was them when I saw the title. It’s not looking too cold in Colorado yet!

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