Snowy Day in Colorado

Snow on Pine-savady Photography

I’ve never really been a snow person. Growing up in Southern California has pretty much spoiled me with endless days of sunshine. A few years ago I learned to snowboard and began enjoying snow days up in the mountain. I was never a natural though. I mean, you could count on me to fall off the ski lift EVERY TIME and I haven’t quite surpassed the blue trails. Now that Colorado been getting some really good powder lately, I’ve been wanting to go up to the mountains to snowboard but…I had a torn rotator cuff four years ago and I’m scared of doing anything extreme. I did mention I was clumsy right?!

Best solution? Go up to the mountains anyway and learn to snowshoe. Obviously, snowshoeing is nothing extreme but it was a great workout! TJ and I made a promise that we’d go do something outdoors once a week soI’m looking forward to more snowshoeing adventures in Colorado.

Snow Day | Savady Photography

Snow Day | Ssavady Photography




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