Talstra Family: Phnom Penh Family Portraits

Since being back in the States, I get asked quite often if I miss Cambodia. The honest truth is that I don’t miss the country so much as I miss my friends. Okay, okay I miss five dollar pedicures and getting a massage every week…okay okay, friends! For obvious reasons, I’ve been thinking about family a lot lately (no baby fever yet though!) which of course made me think about one of my favorite family in the world, the Talstra! ¬†Here are my nearest and dearest- Daniel, Amanda, Cedar and Ezra. I know I’m not suppose to but Cedar and Erza are so yummy I could just eat them up! They are also the luckiest kids in the¬†world. They have wonderful parents who simply adore them.

I couldn’t ask for a better family to photograph.

Talstras, we miss you guys terribly. Come visit us in Denver and bring your fiddle too!


Talstra Family-1021

Talstra Family Lifestyle Shoot

Phnom Penh LifeStyle

Talstra Family-1022

Talstra Family-1026

Talstra Family Vert 3


Talstra Family Vert 4

Talstra Family-1062

Talstra Family-1072

Talstra Family-1099

Talstra Family-1108

Talstra Family-1139

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