That day we woke up at 4:30…


 (Taken with an iphone, processed with VSCOcam)

…in the morning (!) and climbed a mountain.

Yes, folks we did our first fourteener at Mount Bierstadt. You know how in the last post I was saying Boulder was my jam cause I love hiking in the mountains and blah, blah blah? Well, those mountains were rolling hills compared to this. This was a BEAST. I don’t even know how to describe the experience except… you know that scene in KILL BILL when Uma Thurman comes out of a coma and escapes the hospital by dragging her body across the parking lot and yelling for her still sleeping legs to just wake up and work already? Well that.*

The hike was beautiful and in the beginning it really was like strolling down the street. Then we kept going up, up, up and as the elevation got higher and I was losing air, I thought, “This is where I’m going to die. TJ is going to have to carry my lifeless body down the mountain and most likely he’ll drop me.”  I kid you not. I was that close to stopping.


By some miracle, we all made it (let’s promise to forget the fact that I made it up there last and Dante had been waiting a whole freaking hour).


Best part though? Going back down it started raining. It was the perfect cooling shower.

* if you’re one of those people who is about to tell me that this was the easiest hike of all the fourteeners…don’t. I’m going to stop you right now cause no one likes an obnoxious person. You’re like in the same league as those people who told me after having ran a 10k that it’s not even a marathon. Just don’t.

3 responses to “That day we woke up at 4:30…”

  1. Hannah Taylor-Johnson says:

    Whoop! Congrats on making it up a mountain and above clouds, no less. I’ve never climbed a mountain but I once climbed a very big hill in the Lake District. That was flipping ridiculous, so I’m convinced reading of, rather than replicating, your story is where I shall be most comfortable!

  2. davina says:

    Congrats! I would have contemplated death as well. You are hilarious. Loved reading your post (it made me miss you!)

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