This Weekend

This weekend, eating clean

These past couple of days I’ve been craving coffee, something I’m suppose to give up along with sweets and sodium. I realized today that what I actually miss is TJ. My man loves his coffee and I’ve come to associate the scent of a strong roast with him.  Since TJ left for Santa Cruz to be with his mom, I flew solo this weekend. Being left alone seemed like quite a treat at first (no snoring!) but seriously  the fun ended right after the first day. Granted he’ll be back Monday night but still. Still.

Since being back to the States, I’ve been challenging myself to eat more clean. You may not believe this but Cambodian food in Cambodia isn’t all that healthy (for me anyway). It’s like nothing my mother cooked. I feel like the food there is just fried, and fried, and then fried a third time for good luck. I also started drinking soda again while living there (gah). I didn’t make good choices and now my body needs a heavy cleanse! Anyway, out of pure boredom, last night in my pjs, I ran out the front door and started picking weeds in the yard. Turns out that dandelion can be eaten and helps with digestion, so I roasted some roots and made dandelion root coffee. The house smelled of TJ.

Today, I finally made it over to the Lyon Farmette for some volunteer gardening. I spent a good chunk of the morning planting flowers and weeding (more dandelion roots!). I’ll be honest, aside from clay, I haven’t touched soil with my bare hands in years. It was good to feel the earth and be out in the sun. As a reward the volunteers were given fresh eggs laid by the hens on the farm. I love the idea of communal giving and sharing.

P.S. I can’t wait to start our garden. I want beets, radish, and tomatoes. What will you be growing in yours?

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