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For weeks, TJ has been urging me to exercise my writing muscle. Obviously, after months of blogging only sneak peeks and journal entries that sadly read, “Today was a good day” or “Today was a bad day” I find this very hard to do. I don’t tell stories like I used to. I know this because many of you aren’t even aware that I’ve been living in Cambodia for two years. That’s right. I moved to a new country and haven’t really bother to write about it. One of my new year resolutions is to be better at storytelling-both in telling stories about the weddings I photograph and the adventures I take.

To start, there has been a lot of traveling these past few months. I spent the past summer in Southern California documenting weddings and lifestyles (will start full posts in the new year). I traveled with TJ to a bluegrass festival in Colorado. We hung out with friends in Boulder and in Denver. We drove over mountains to Salida and stayed at a hot spring. We traveled to Santa Cruz and I met my future in-laws who are beyond amazing. We photographed a wedding in Sonoma Valley and stayed at a B&B that had weird, bordering on creepy, breakfast rituals (hint: don’t go there). Then it was back to Cambodia for a month before traveling to Hawaii to shoot a wedding. Needless to say, I watched a lot of in-flight movies.

A few weeks ago I flew to Melbourne and fell in love with the city. Earlier in the year, I made an intention to shoot a wedding in Australia. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it happen but I trusted that it would come together. Luckily, the stars did aligned. Jane and Michael were getting married and invited me to document their wedding. So I took Elafant with me and we stayed in a nice airb&b apartment in the middle of downtown.

One thing I love about Melbourne is how walkable it is. Follow expats know that it is near impossible to walk around Phnom Penh without a) sweating b) getting dust in your eyes and on your clothes and c) getting run over. I got super excited when I learned how walkable Melbourne is. Though it was summer, the temperature dropped the first few days I was there. So much so that Jane had to bring over a few jumpers for me to borrow. But how lovely it was to walk around in layers and feel cool air on my face. I walked everywhere. The other thing I fell in love with, and wish more cities would adopt, were the laneways. What we Americans would have left as sketchy alleyways, the Aussies have cleverly utilized the space for cafes,restaurants, and cute shops. What aren’t pictured here are the massive amount of coffee I consumed during the week, all the delicious food, Madam Brussels with servers wearing preppy clothes, the Design Market with fabulous Australian goods, and afternoons spent frolicking in the parks.

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  1. Max Yanez says:

    this is beautiful blog. I like your theme.

  2. Jane says:

    Melbourne misses you Chatti! Come visit soon xx

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