Travel Dates

I feel most alive when I am exploring and discovering new places and cultures. I think what makes a place beautiful is the individual stories woven together to make a collective story. When I travel I aim to document the¬†intangibles: thoughts, ideas, and the spirit of a city. I want to convey the full magic as if I’m standing right there in the middle of it all.¬†Traveling has made me less inhibited, more fearless, always curious.

I currently split my time between California, Colorado and Cambodia, though I shoot anywhere my passport takes me! Please check to see if I am in your neighborhood. If so, lets grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and maybe even have a shoot. Don’t be a stranger-come say hello.

Travel Dates
  1. Los Angeles

    Sunshine, palm trees, sandy beaches -Southern California will always be home.

  2. Phnom Penh

    Markets, temples, colorful fabric- Phnom Penh is filled with excitement.

  3. Denver

    Mountains, skies, clouds, open space- Colorado makes me happy even in the winter time.

future dates
  • Portland
    Jan 9 - 12
  • Costa Rica
    Jan 23 - Feb 2
  • Los Angeles
    Feb 18 - 22
  • Bellingham, WA
    March 7 -March 9
  • Scotland
    March 21 -25
  • Ireland
    March 26 - 31
  • Iceland
    April 1- 6
  • Stones
    I love picking up stones during my travels and keeping them in my pocket. Stones are perfect as stress relievers and as portable keepsakes of landscapes I've visited.
  • Elephants
    Elephants have become a symbol of my heritage. In ancient times, white elephants were considered good luck. I carry a small wooden elephant with me every where I go.
  • Teapots
    I am a big tea drinker. I love that drinking tea incorporates many senses: touch, taste, smell. I also love that the ritual of making and drinking tea slows me down.