We Lived The Sweet Life: Italy

I dreamt of getting married in Italy since forever. When the idea was proposed, TJ and I had been planning a wedding  in California but our hearts weren’t truly in it. The small intimate gathering that I envisioned had turn into a big frou frou affair and the whole purpose of marriage would have gotten lost in table linens and seating charts. So we decided Italy it was.  And really how can you deny Italy?!

We got married in the middle of May. It was cold, and rainy. The roses at the villa were supposed to be in bloom but the cold snap kept them closed. There wasn’t even a little red peep. So the day of the wedding my husband to be went to the local florist and bought a few dozen roses and our friends helped tie them onto the vines. They did such a great job you couldn’t even tell. We got married under the “rose” archway.

I didn’t mind the rain. Somehow the Tuscan landscape all dolled up with dewdrops made everything more romantic. Tuscany is beautiful already. It was dreadfully cold, though. It was so cold that Marcella, the owner of the villa, made an exception and we had a nice roaring fire the night of the wedding. It was perfect.

We did not take that many photos. How could we while trying to gracefully balance gelato in one hand, pizza in the other, and cappuccino with one foot? There are some photos from Rome, Siena, Florence, and Verona tossed in here. Rome will always have my heart. I love the spirit of that city and it was my first home away from home. It was fun to take TJ around, pointing out places that I frequently visited and telling him stories. There was the time Estela and I had a brilliant idea to reenact a scene from La Dolce Vita at the Trevi Fountain (nope…policeman on watch even at 3 in the morning) and the route I used to take passing Saint Peters. We loved drinking coffee and had as much coffee as we possibly could. I practiced my broken Italian, mostly apologizing for the poor Italian. We used a lot of hand gestures.

I have fond memories of Italy. Running to find cover when we got poured on in Siena, having a craving for gelato and what do you know?! Gelato festival in Florence. There was our wedding in Cortona, the food (the food!), shopping in Arezzo with grocery baskets with wheels, hiring folk musicians for the wedding and ending up with two men with a karaoke machine. Lady Gaga anyone? It was a lot of fun.

Lets go to Italy again next year.

Italy 513-1061

Italy 513-1002

Italy 513-1003

rome | Savady Photography

Italy 513-1001

Italy 513-1010

Rome | Savady Photography

Italy 513-1013

Italy 513-1012

Trevi | Savady Photography

Italy 513-1038

Italia | Savady Photography

Rome | Savdy Photography

Market | Savady Photography

Market dog

Rome | Savady Photography

Italy 513-1014

Italy 513-1041

Italy 513-1045

Italy 513-1046

Italy 513-1056

Italy 513-1058

Italy 513-1059

Italy 513-1065

Italy 513-1066

Italy 513-1070

Italy 513-1072

Italy 513-1073

Italy 513-1074

Italy 513-1075

Italy 513-1076

Italy 513-1077

Italy 513-1080

Italy 513-1081

Italy 513-1082

Italy 513-1083


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  1. I really, really love this entry. Reminds me of exactly why I want an intimate wedding- away from it all. Beautiful stuffs Chatti <3

  2. Jane Son says:

    Stunning photos! 🙂

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