We Played in the Mountains


Every time I have my camera with me I instantly feel grounded. I have this constant itch to explore and make art. It’s always nice to be out of the house, away from the computer for even a few hours. Summer is about adventuring and what better place to explore than the mountains. With a camera, of course.

Kait and I made our way up to the mountains of Boulder in the early evening on a day that promised good weather but instead gave us rain. We worked with what we got, chasing the sun and embracing the clouds when they rolled in. Kait is fabulous to work with. Easy and natural in front of the camera. This woman is going places…and super fast too. She’s into car racing and wants to work in that industry. How awesome is that?!

On a side note, I used to live in Boulder for two years while in grad school. TJ finds it funny when I call Boulder my jam but it really is. I never thought I would like living so close to the mountains but I love that after a hard day I can go for a quick hike and release all that mental tension.

Kait Portrait-1003

Kait Portrait-1004

Kait Portrait-1001

Kait Portrait-1002

Kait Portrait-1000-2

Kait Portrait-1005

Kait Portrait-1006

Kait Portrait-1011

Denver Lifestyle Photographer-Savady Photography

Kait Portrait-1015

Kait Portrait-1019

Kait Portrait-1018

Kait Portrait-1005-2

Kait Portrait-1001-2

Kait Portrait-1008-2

Kait is such a beauty.


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  1. rich says:

    these are absolutely stunning!

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